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Randy "BIG MITCH" Mitchell

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Welcome to my world!!! My name is Randy Mitchell AKA "Big Mitch Da Barber". I am a Louisiana native who was raised in and now represents the great city of San Diego. I have been cutting hair since I was 13 years old, and what started as a hobby, greatly became my passion. There is no better feeling then knowing I have the ability to create change in a person's attitude and demeanor. A great haircut speaks volume and can be the difference maker in anyone's social success. I always express that a person is "only as cool as their last haircut", and that will stand true for eternity. My haircuts are known to strike fire to one’s confidence, igniting a flame of self-worth, in which all my clients carry with them through their coming weeks. My passion and inspirations to create the art that is cutting and styling, can be seen in every client I serve. With over 100,000 hours of experience, I can do styled cuts for any occasion. Whether you’re preparing for a date, interview, or just want to pamper yourself; if you’re in the San Diego area, come see me...

Will "Will" Jaimes


What started as a dream, shortly became my reality. My name is Will Jaimes and I love what I do. Starting out as a Barber hustling for cuts in a dorm room back in 2015; I decided to change my destiny and become a barber. Cutting hair has become my art of design. With each finished product, I produce a smile. I love what I do. I am experienced in dealing with hair of all types, not excluding facial hair. My cuts are crisp and clean! Whether you are unsure of the look you want, or if you are asking for the look you need; allow me to assist you in restoring that confidence in your day! There is a big difference between having a barber, and someone that cuts your hair... Come see me.

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